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Apex Legends Developers Take Swift Action Against Cheaters

Respawn Entertainment have completed yet another ban wave in order to try and combat cheaters running riot in Season 8, the developers also confirmed that they will be taking more severe action against cheaters and taking their anti-cheat to the next level. Battle royale seem

Zombies Confirmed For Warzone Season 2

Warzone season 2 dropped only a few hours ago, and fans have already noticed a few things that seem a little out of place. The new season has been highly anticipated for a while now, and now it’s here we get to dig around and

More PlayStation Exclusives Are Releasing on PC This Spring

PlayStation are bringing ever more of their first-party exclusives to PC, starting with the massively popular PS4 exclusive Days Gone in Spring 2021. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan was quoted saying it “was a straight forward decision” to release more of Sony’s first party