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Rockstar Bans GTA cheaters and resets their accounts

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Fortnite Fued Leaves Game Split in Two

The battle continues between Epic Games and Apple, which has left some Fortnite fans cancerned as when the new update drops it will leave players on Apple devices unable to play the new season. Following an annoucement from Epic Games, it has been reported that

Warzone glitch allows you to teleport around the map

Warzone players have found a strange glitch with recon drones that allows you to “teleport” anywhere you want, it also works in Modern Warfare Multiplayer. Season 5 brought in plenty of new content when it launched earlier this week, such as weapon changes and changes

Season 5 weapons leaked for Warzone and Modern Warfare

New weapons have seemingly leaked ahead of the release of season 5. Late last week, Activision released the season 5 release date alongside the first trailer for the new season. Only a few details were released about the season, but details hidden within the trailer