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Zombies mode leaks reveal new secret perks, armor and more


Black Ops Called War Zombies has faced huge leaks giving us vital information about new weapons, armour, perks and secret features.

Zombies mode has always been a fan favourite, ever since the game was first released in 2008 and continues to be a much loved iconic mode in the game.

However this year Zombies mode is returning with the addition of some brand new exciting features. Not only that but players will be able to play with friends across all gaming platforms, this is the first time something like this has been made possible.

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Due to recent leaks we now know what we can expect to arrive with this new mode, gamers will be delighted as no they will be able to acquire unimaginable health boost like never before in the past as they are able to don up to three plates of armour at any one given time.

They are also able to upgrade this armour at various armour stations around the map, these will be brand new stations that players will have access to. It has been said that players could somehow make it out alive after being hit 10 times by a zombie with full armour and Juggernaut.

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Another new perk is that there are going to be four brand new Ammo Mods which will debut in Zombies mode, there will be Napalm Blast which burns zombies with fire damage. There is Cyrofreeze which will slow zombies down with frost damage, Brain Rot which will turn a zombie into an ally and lastly Dead Wire which will stun a zombie and cause electrical damage.

Pack-A-Punch has also been amended to coincide with these Ammo Mods, the effect will be applied to your weapon of choice. Players will be able to choose instead of it being selected at random.

There will also be a new Salvage System introduced, the aim is for players to collect as much salvage as possible and use this to build themselves specific tool sets. They are able to create Monkey bombs, other explosives and equipment, which means that crafting supplies will be an important part of the game.

There will also be eight new Field Upgrades in place, instead of working with specialists. According to leaks though it has be speculated that there may only be five available when the game launches.

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The five that may be present at launch have been named as Energy Mine which is a proximity mine, Healing Aura that can heal you and also your team back to full health in a small area, Aether Shroud which makes you invisible to Zombies for 5 seconds by masking your presence. There is also Frost Blast which will slow down zombies and caused a huge wind blast resulting in frost damage and lastly Ring of Fire which will instantly incinerate any enemies that step inside and also boosts damage inside for everyone.

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They all offer something different so dispersing them wisely among your team is wise, the remaining three that are said to be joining later will be Frenzy Guard, Lightning Links and Toxic Growth.

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There will also be Rune upgrade systems in place, which allow everything from weapons to perks etc to be upgraded. There is said to be 72 upgrades that are available to unlock as the game has three obvious tiers.

According to the leakers there will be a currency introduced called Aetherium that will be used to make purchases and unlock these permanent upgrades.

There is no further information on just how much this currency will be worth or how long it will take to gather, but it will come in two types, flawless and raw.

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It was also reported that zombies will have their own damage display meter and health bars, they also have the potential to drop loot at any time in the game.

Of course with all leaks we can never know for certain exactly what to expect, it could be some of these features were scrapped and it remains in the games files, fans will have to hold of until he office release of Black Ops Cold War.

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