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Zombies are coming to Red Dead Online this Halloween

Halloween is coming to Red Dead online, and fans will be delighted to hear that some new friends will be joining us in the Old West.

A new data miners has revealed that hordes of the undead are set to be released into the open world game, but the exact purpose is not yet known.

Red Dead Guides published a new video recently showing almost 50 undead character models that have been discovered within the games files, 29 male and 19 female. All of the zombies are wearing what appear to be Halloween outfits, with some of them being labelled “army of fear” Back in July another YouTuber by the name of MuzTuber found some audio files titled “Fear of Us”, suggesting we could see another limited time Halloween mode similar to last years Fear of the Dark.

Neither Red Dead Guides nor MuzTuber have any idea what the limited time mode would entail, but the obvious choice is a zombie infection mode where a number of players spawn in, and the last to be infected wins, but that might not be it. Inspired by 2010s Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, a modder brought hordes of the undead to Red Dead Redemption 2 and Rockstar may just be showing us how it’s done for real.

Recently, a leak suggested Rockstar might be releasing a mode where herbs could transform you into animals and the parent company, Take-Two confirmed that at least one more major update will be coming to the game this fiscal year, so it looks as though the content of these two leaks could be spread out over the course of October and November. With a final and major update coming early next year.

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