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You can now turn your real life phone into your very own Nook phone

An artist has taken to twitter to share his designs abling you to turn your phone into your very own Nook phone.

Players are familiar with the Nook phone featured in the game, it is a vital ingredient in performing particular tasks such as opting to terraform, checking your Nook Miles, shopping, taking photos, opening your map and much more.

But have you ever wished that you could transform your own phone into your Nook phone? Because now you can!

There is now a set you are able to download from which consists of the wallpaper and icons to transform your phone into your very own Nook phone.

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The collection was designed by artist @okpng who took to twitter to show off her designs. With the new Ios14 update it is now possible to create shortcuts and chnage the design of the icon for each app.

The set feautres the staple icon graphics such as maps, Nookshop, DIYS, camera etc to match up with the ingame phone.

It was so popular with fans she has even released an expansion pack where there is many more icons!

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You can also find on the Gumroad website a guide on how to set it all up if your unsure on how to complete the look.

Also if you are an android user dont worry as there is also a tutorial on using the Nova launcher to achieve the same deisgn.

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Fans already have been taking to socual media to show off their new Nook Phones, we cant wait to do ours!

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