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You Can Now Get PHYSICAL Animal Crossing Rewards on MyNintendo

There is now being offered more than ever in Animal Crossing: New Horizons as Nintendo starts to off physical rewards as well as rewards in game.

Starting this month there will be Animal Crossing: New Horizons physical rewards up for grabs, you can find these on MyNintendo. Players have been delighted the news they are able to get their hands on some AC merch.

Image Credit: Nintendo

The game itself has just recently received the fall update which has brough with it the arrival of all things Halloween to the game. Players have been overjoyed with the addition of farming pumpkins, it is now possible to grow and harvest pumpkins.

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There has also been a host of spooky furniture and DIY projects added to the game, bodypaints, coloured contact lenses and spooky costumes. Nintendo has since added a new addition that doesn’t just stop there for players, as they are able to collect rewards in game, for a limited amount of time they are able to collect physical rewards aswell.

Rewards can be collected on MyNintendo by exhanging Platinum points. Each item requires between 600 to 1000 Platinum points, which can be earned as players complete tasks.

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There are different rewards up for grabs such as a bag adorned with Dodo airlines logo and another with Timmy, Tommy and Tom Nook. There is also a bandana that features the famous AC leaf pattern and also a Tom Nook keychain.

These rewards however are in limited supply and running on a first come first served basis. This meaning players who want to take part and grab themself some AC goodies need to act quick to be in on a peice of the action!

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Rewards are only here for a limited time as well which means the faster players act the better, as the offer is only running until the end of the month.

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