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What to Expect from the Pokemon Go Halloween Event


As the recent global pandemic has put a hold on Halloween festivities this year, however some of our favourite games have stepped up to the plate this year with spooky events.

Pokemon Go will be hosting it’s own in game Halloween event which will begin on October 23 and run right through until November 3. There will be a special Halloween storylie implemented into the fan favourite game.

Players must follow along with the spooky storyline and will then face a series of Halloween themed challenges. These challenges will include a series of mini events gamers are able to compete in, along with bigger more spooky challenges and Haloween Field Research Tasks.

There will also be the chance for players to catch more spooky Pokemon during this holiday, there will be an addition of more ghost-like Pokemon for gamers to find this Halloween.

Galarian Yamask, Sableye, Costumed Gengar and Shiny Spiritomb will be available for players to catch and collect Gengar Mega Energy.

Another spooky addition to the game will be the inclusion of limited edition Halloween outfits that players can purchase in the in game shop, along with a series of spooky acessories such as:

  • Gengar Onesie
  • Pikachu Mask
  • Sableye Mask
  • Sableye Goggles
  • Banette Mask

Gamers should also keep their eyes peeled for the debut of Boo Bundles, Creepy Crate and Pumpkin Pack Boxes that will also be available in the shop.

If you want to get involved with this event, make sure you do it before the event ends on November 3.

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