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We Could See A Red Dead Redemption Remaster Before GTA 6 Rumours Claim

Rumours seems to be constantly circulating regarding Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto 6, a fresh batch of rumours have suggested that we could be seeing a remaster of Red Dead Redemption before we see a Grand Theft Auto 6 release.

Image Credit: Rockstar

It’s been over ten years since the launch of the original Red Dead Redemption, it first graced our consoles all the way back in 2010. The game went on to be widely successful selling millions of copies worldwide.

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Fans have eagerly been on the lookout for any details that the game may be receiving the remaster it deserves, with many rumours and speculation circulating over the years. The latest rumour to surface is that we may potentially see a remaster of RDD before we see a release from GTA 6.

A current leak suggests that we will be seeing Grand Theft Auto 6 is due to release in October 2023, this information was shared in a post uploaded to Reddit:

Details of the GTAVI 4chan leaker AMA that got taken down from r/GamingLeaksAndRumours

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Of course, we should take this information with a pinch of salt as we can’t say for sure if this will actually be the case, there has been many rumours surrounding GTA 6 such as a previous leak that claimed the new title would have a female lead character, although this leak now states that this idea has since been scrapped.

With Rockstar remaining tight-lipped about any upcoming projects, it’s hard to decipher if these ‘leaks’ are correct or not. Although it is possible that Rockstar could have a Red Dead Redemption remaster up their sleeve and there is the added possibility that we could see this drop before GTA 6.

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Until then, fans will have to make do with their old copies and hope that there is something in the works for the future. We will be sure to keep you updated with the latest news, so be sure to check back with us here at Gamerficial.

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