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Watch this Call of Duty Warzone cheater lose in the most satisfying way


Sucks to be them

Activision are cracking down on cheaters, but that’s no easy feat in a game with 75 million players. We have to trust that they are doing their best to ban them from the game as fast as possible. But what is more satisfying than watching a hacker get banned? Watching them die a humiliating death that even their cheats couldn’t save them from of course.

Reddit user bySadClaw posted a video to the r/CODWarzone subreddit of his quads match in Verdansk, his team come up against a group of cheaters hiding in the gas. It seems like they are using the infinite stim glitch exploit, but it could also be an unbreakable gas mask glitch.

His team desperately start looking into the gas for the cheaters. “They’re on the roof, they’re shooting us… they’re on the fucking roof of airport shooting at us,” one of his squadmates says. “There’s one dude over there cheating,” The streamers aims in at the player running around on the rooftop and takes an incredible sniper shot to take him out.

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