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Warzone: When will the DMR be nerfed again?

As all Black Ops Cold War weapons are available in Warzone, all attention has turned to the DMR 14. The tactical rifle has already been nerfed once, however players have been demanding it is toned down yet again.

Since Warzone was integrated with Black Ops Cold War on December 16, gamers have been able to enjoy weapons from both games, however the DMR, a semi-automatic tactical rifle has lead the way since the beginning of Season 1.

We have seen a variety of different meta’s rise is the past, such as the Bruen and the Grau both had their time in the spotlight. Infinity ward made the decision to nerf these weapons too in order to keep things fresh and balanced.

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We are yet to see this with the DMR, even though it has already been nerfed once it has still remained at the top of Warzone’s weapon pool for over a month. Although it’s remained at the top, it hasn’t stopped fans begging for the weapon to be nerfed, finally Raven Software reduced the weapons headshot damage along with also increasing its recoil.

Since this has taken place, players have been vocal about it needing to be done again as they feel not much has changed, however it has already been announced by Raven Software via Twitter that they are continuing to monitor any issues that players feedback.

This being said, the DMR should become one of their priorities as many players are becoming frustrated with the lack of changes that have been made to the weapon. Hopefully we will see another adjustment made soon, could it be that we see this happen in the next patch on January 14th?

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The DMR isn’t the only weapon that has been nerfed, the Type 63 was also adjusted on January 6th, however this is only continuing to be really powerful. We haven’t heard as many complaints on the Type 63 however, probably as it is lurking in the shadows of the DMR and it has not become as popular with players.

Of course we can’t say for certain that these weapons will receive further adjusments, however we can only hope if this is carried out, that it is implemented as soon as possible.

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