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Warzone: When will Solos be Returning?


Mini Royale Solos and Buy Back Solos have replaced normal BR Solos in Warzone, but when will they be returning?

There has been a variety of different modes that have been added to Warzone ever since it’s release back in March last year, these modes however were added in addition to the normal duos, trios and quad modes.

We’ve seen all kinds of different modes since then such as Zombies Royale, Juggernaut Royale and Buy Back Quads. Although these modes have been well received by the Warzone community, there is still players who just want back a normal battle royale mode.

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Currently solos are unavailable, so if players were wanting just to take part in a normal BR mode they can only do so in duos, trios and quads, fans are turning to the internet to see if they can find a grain of hope as to when these solos will be returning.

The only solos available currently are Buy Back Solos and Mini Royale Solos, it has also been rumoured that Mini Royale Solos would only be lasting until the beginning of January, however with that date long gone fans are confused at just what the future holds for solos.

It seems that the next big update will be released on February 4th which is set to bring us a brand new Zombies map.

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Within this new update we could also see some huge changes within the game, the devs often take on feedback from players, so if fans are really pushing for the solos to return, it could sway their decision to return them sooner.

Hopefully we will see the return of solo sooner rather than later, but we will continue to keep you updated here at Gamerficial.

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