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Warzone weapon bug lets other players see you through walls

Yes, anther bug. Warzone players have discovered a bug with a weapon attachment in the game that can be seen through walls and doors. Black Ops Cold War’s weapon flashlight attachment (and potentially others too) is giving away players positions.

If the Cold War/Warzone merge wasn’t already controversial enough its been made even worse by the plagues of unwanted glitches that resulted from the Cold War guns being added into a game on a different engine.

The flashlight attachment can be useful for some players, being able to light players up from a fair distance away and its unlocked at a low level. This means its being used by a lot of players, especially on maps like Cartel where the flashlight is useful at showing enemies who are hiding in the long grass.

Added to this, some of the ground loot guns in Warzone come with the attachment already equipped.

As seen in this Reddit clip, the attachment can give your position away through the wall or door, and in ‘swiftler79’ situation, he was able to easily tell when the enemy was outside the door, allowing him to blast him with the shotgun the second the door opened.

The enemy did appear on the radar for a brief moment before opening the door, but swiftler was looking at the flashlight rather than the radar at the time.

As far as we know this issue is only affecting the Mounted Flashlight, but it’s unclear whether it happens with the Nightstalker Spotlight or the Tiger Team Spotlight too.

Hopefully this will be fixed in an update fairly quickly so keep your eyes on the patch notes to see when its safe to re-equip your flashlights in your loadouts.

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