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Warzone subway station locations confirmed

Thanks to the final shot in the season 6 reveal trailer, fans now have a clear idea of where the subway tunnels will be located around Verdansk.

Image credit: Activision

The next big update to Call of Duty: Warzone will be coming via the sixth, and likely final season of content updates. The update is coming on September 29, which will allow players to use the new subway stations and tunnels around the map, some eagle eyed fans have borrowed down exactly where the Warzone tunnels will be located.

The final scene in the trailer of Modern Warfare season 6 trailer shows an overhead view of Verdansk and gives an indication of where players will need to go in search for the subway tunnel entrances. The tunnel system itself is highlighted and appears to be massive, stretching all the way from Verdansk airport to the stadium in a circular shape.

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The subway does cover modest of the map but appears to leave out areas far away from the centre of the map like the prison and dam, but you can bet this new addition will make the final circles in the game a lot more interesting, with players now being able to hold out underneath the map in the tunnels.

The stations are marked A-G in the trailer and can be found at some of Warzones hotspots:

  • A – Verdansk International Airport
  • B – Karst River Quarry (between that and Bloc 14)
  • C – Verdansk Stadium (between that and Gorengard Lumber Yard)
  • D – Downtown Tavorsk District
  • E – Barakett Promenade East
  • F – Verdansk Train Station
  • G – Torsk Bloc
Image credit: Infinity Ward

While the locations for the stations have been confirmed, we’re still not sure of a few key details. How many trains will be moving through the tunnels at once? Will the stop at each station automatically and how long will the stop for? who is driving the trains? All of these will be answered in time.

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Keep your eyes peeled for new details being released over the coming days as the new season will be landing on Tuesday, September 29.

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