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Warzone: Streamer Gets Killed by Cheaters Over 1000 Times


You know that feeling of frustration when you go on a losing streak? Now imagine every loss was to a cheater one thousand times.

It’s not unusual to find a host of cheaters running around causing havoc in Warzone, especially at the moment, they are lingering almost around every corner. This causes so many frustrating issues for players as they can destroy games with a click of the fingers by using wallhacks, aimbots and a series of other exploits.

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We can’t say for sure just how many cheaters there are that are currently playing the game, however recently a popular streamer on Twitch, ‘TeePee’ has announced that he has lost to just over 1000 cheaters. These are astounding numbers, it is unbelievable to imagine that cheaters have run riot and caused this much damage throughout the game.

The streamer has reported as many as 1,182 cheaters had taken their victory away from them, the cheaters in question had seemed to use a variety of exploits, wallhacks and aimbots in order to take the crown.

To make matters worse, these seem to be only the obvious cases, there is no way to tell just how many other subtle cheats players have used against them to simply get ahead. However, Activision have recently imposed new restrictions for cheaters which is said to have affected more than 60,000 cheaters, you can read more about that here.

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This leads us to wonder if there are any other players that have kept a record of their losses to cheaters, surely it can’t be more more than this?

Hopefully the new ban wave will weed out some of those cheaters causing havoc for players, but if the past has told us anything, it’s that if people want to cheat they will find a way.

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