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Warzone: Strange Gulag Glitch gives Players Wall Hacks


Warzone is no stranger to cheaters running wild in the game, however now, through a brand new bug it seems that the game itself is issues players free cheats in the form of wall hacks.

Warzone has taken a major hit by cheaters over the past few months, despite countless ban waves and attempts to combat cheaters, unfortunately hackers still seem to be out in full force across Verdansk.

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There is no doubt that you’ve probably came across a cheater while playing the game, although now it seems that Warzone is handing out wall hacks to players in a new glitch, so it could be that you’ve come face to face with a regular player taking advantage of this new bug.

Players have since been reporting that they are able to see enemies through walls without using any third-party software in order to hack the game.

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In a clip uploaded to Reddit by user ‘chinitotuchman’ you can see the moment the player acquired a wall hack after loading in to the Gulag.

Gulag Glitch gave me wallhacks on 1 guy from r/CODWarzone

The also went on to say “Some context: I went to the gulag, and as soon as I loaded into the fight (but before it started) it flashed gulag victory and i redeployed. As soon as I dropped in, I could see this guy across the map. Have another clip where I can see through all the planes of boneyard too. Anyone else have this happen?”

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Although, there is no way to tell just how this glitch has occurred or where it has came from, these recent events have some fans concerned that more players will start taking advantage of this glitch intentionally causing even more problems with cheating.

Of course, it is a rare issue for the Gulag to close immediately although there has been a number of other known problems with it in the past, let’s hope that this issue can be rectified sooner rather than later.

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