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Warzone: Potential Season 2 Release Date, New Maps and Weapons

Warzone Season 2 is approaching and players are looking forward to heaps of new content, here is everything we know so far.

Season One’s integration with Black Ops Cold War brought with it a lot of new content, such as the new Rebirth Island map, Black Ops Cold War weaponry and heaps of other changes to mix up the fan favourite battle royale game.

Fans are already looking forward towards the release of Season 2, with rumours flying with what the new update could potentially include and when it will be available. So far we know that Season 1 is due to run right through January and mid way through February, potentially coming to and end on the 24th of the month.

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It has been predicted that the Battle Pass should come to an end around this time, although the first season was met with a delay before it’s release we are hoping this will leave the timeline for release unaffected. If this end date proves to be correct, we will hope to see a Season 2 release around or on the 24th February, although so far there has been no official reports to confirm a concrete release date, we will keep you updated.

So what new content can we expect?

Players have already witnessed a huge selection of new content that arrived with the Battle Pass for Season 1, this included two new base weapons and a brand new operator, Stitch. We are hoping that the new season will follow in the footsteps of season 1, after we saw a host of new bunkers opening up and a variety of new Easter Eggs to experience.

Rumour has it that Season 2 will grace us with not only new weapons but also a heap of new blueprints, with these players will be to gain the most powerful of weapons without having to gather the XP to unlock them.

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Leakers have already revealed that their could be a new map about to surface in the new Season, the ‘Ural Mountains map’, however this is still to be officially confirmed. This map is said to have taken inspiration from the Fireteam: Dirty Bomb maps.

As Alpine and Ruka are current maps in Treyarch’s new mode, this suggests that this leak could be possible, as both these maps are set in the Russian Ural Mountains.

Although we can’t know for sure exactly what is in store for this upcoming Season, players will just have to wait it out for further information. We will continue to keep you updated with any official information on this release.

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