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Warzone: Season 2 Event Teases Zombies Being Added

Could it be that we are going to see Zombies returning to Warzone? Season 2 teases seems to suggest just that, with heaps hints giving fans a taste of what could be in store.

In-game teasers have always been popular in the Call of Duty franchise, this time fans have been scoping out a series of teasers hinting at a return of Zombies to Warzone, just a few months after it was removed from the fan favourite Zombie Royale playlist.

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Players have discovered a whole host of teasers that seem to point to the undead’s return especially in the form of strange easter eggs dotted around the game. Could it be that Warzone has some kind of Zombies integration up their sleeve for the future?

Players have been taking to social media platforms to share their discoveries which may point to a future zombies appearance, ‘KRNG ProReborn’ took to Twitter to share the new machine that was found in the hospital in Verdansk.

This rather large machine was located in the Warzone Rumble playlist and didn’t leave much to the imagination with a function for players to ‘activate zombies’. The Tweet read “Here’s a closer look at the mysterious computer that has appeared in the Warzone Rumble playlist. There’s a note on it that says “Prove yourself, to the victor, so the spoils”.

There also seemed to be screens featured on the machine which displayed a series of number and letters which seems to be a code of some description.

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Another downright obvious teaser seems to be this familiar issue, previously before Warzone’s integration with Black Ops Cold War players were experiencing a static takeover on their screens and now it seems to be happening again.

Players have been experiencing a teaser very similar to what we have seen in the past, could it be that this is yet another nod to the arrival of zombies?

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Of course, we cant say for sure if this is actually this case but with Season 2 right around the corner, it seems like this is the best time for this plans to take shape.

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