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Warzone Players racking up easy wins through Loadout Drop glitch


It comes as no surprise that yet another game breaking exploit has been uncovered in Warzone.

Players are finding themselves becoming almost invincible after the discovery of a new bug in the game, this comes after the latest update release. The bug that has been found is allowing players to reach a certain point of invincibility in the latter stages of the game.

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A player first found this glitch as he made it to the final circles, all with having a loadout drop in tow, he had previous stored this in his inventory. This was achieved by the latest Warzone update stops these loadouts wiping out your character if it lands on top of them. Instead this then makes it possible for you to glitch inside of them causing you to become unkillable.

Usually Buy Stations can be found located across Verdansk, this is where players are able to make a purchase for killstreaks, or they can also use cash that they have gathered so far to revive their teammates if needed.

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To be able to select any custom classes to use in the game, players must purchase the $10,000 Loadout Drop, however this glitch is making this a thing of the past.

Glitches found in the game always cause some sort of chaos amongst players as it can be frustrating to deal with. This exploit in particular could have a tragic effect as players can just continue to rack up a large amount of easy kills.

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At present there has not been any public announcements from Infinity Ward if they are working on this issue or not, only time will tell and fans will just have to wait it out and see if this glitch is removed from the game.

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