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Warzone: Players not happy and demand melee strike power to be reduced

Players have began demanding changes to be made to Warzone, specifically to the power of melee strikes.

With the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone integration just around the corner, fans are rushing to cram as many games in as they can on the Verdansk map before its potential destruction on December 16. Of course there is still a fair few bugs and glitches popping up for players throughout the game, but hopefully these teething problems should be ironed out before the merge takes place.

One particular issue that fans are hoping may change is the power of melee strikes as many players feel they have become too intense. This issue has been seen in action after footage was uploaded to Reddit showing a players recent battle in Verdansk.

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Dear devs look at this video and ask yourself, is the melee part balanced? from r/CODWarzone

In the clip you can see the player going after the enemy prepared to take them out when the shot was clear, the outcome should have been obvious. One fully geared player VS a fresh spawn with just a pistol, but of course this is Warzone and things never play out how they should.

The player was left heading to the Gulag after only two pistol whips, and it was clear that their opponent had barely made it out alive. It didn’t take long for the comments to pour in from other Redditor’s also sharing their experiences and thoughts on the overpowered melee strikes.

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There was even a suggestion put forward on Reddit that there should be a feature added in which melee power is reduced everytime a player takes a hit from an incoming bullet.

Fans can only hope this is something the game’s developers will think about and hopefully take on board, although there is no way to tell if any action will be taken regarding this matter. Until a change is made, players will just have to persevere and try their best to totally avoid being hit with any melee strikes.

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