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Warzone: Players left Frustrated by new Rebirth Island wall breach Glitch

Cheaters are leaving players more frustrated than ever as they discover a new wall breach bug in the Rebirth Island map.

It comes only a few weeks after the infamous invisibility glitch, now players are breaching the walls on Rebirth Island, giving them the opportunity to take out unsuspecting players and leaving them wondering what the hell just happened.

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The cheaters that once plagued Verdansk by breaching the walls of parking garages have now headed over to Rebirth Island, with some brand new hiding spots.

Reddit user ‘PatientZeero‘ took to the platform to upload a clip showing them being wiped out through a wall by a non-existent opponent. The player can be seen on the killcam literally sitting waiting for a player to pass before they made their move.

I HAVE HAD IT with these mothef***ing glitches, in this mothef***ing game from r/Warzone

On a map this small, having an overpowered spot like this really becomes and issue when you consider how many people they have a chance to kill.

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