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Warzone players left frustrated after ‘wall glitch’ destroys games AGAIN

The famous wall glitch is back and destroying games for players again, with it being such an easy exploit to carry out it is causing havoc for players and robbing them of their well earned victories.

It isn’t the first game breaking bug to make its way into Warzone, and it certainly wont be the last but one bug in particular has made its way back into the game causing a lot of frustration for players.

The ‘wall glitch’ first made an appearance back in Season 1, it caused havoc then, and its doing the same again almost a year later. Players are reporting experiences they have had with the bug and are taking to social media to share their discoveries.

One Reddit user ‘Irons21’ took to the platform to show the issues they faced when they unknowingly ran into the bug, you can see in the video that a jeep is parked inside of a garage, it looks innocent enough until he starts taking damage from a barrage of bullets with seemingly no enemies in sight.

This game is broken beyond belief🤨 from r/CODWarzone

Annoyingly, this is such an easy exploit to carry out, but its also very easy to counter should you fall victim to it. Destroying the vehicle will cause the enemies to get stuck inside the wall. When they are unable to escape the glitch they will either die from the gas, or be forced to leave the game.

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