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Warzone: Players left frustrated after game-breaking Invisibility Glitch Returns

It seems Warzone is once again being plagued by the infamous invisibility glitch which is allowing players to run around the map undetected.

Warzone and Invisibility are no strangers to each other, it’s not the first time players have come across invisible players on the battlefield. However this time it’s leaving players more frustrated than ever before. With a long line of glitches to add to the list each week, this one is the newest in a series of invincibility glitches that players have unfortunately experienced before.

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Twitter user ‘Zombo” took to the social media platform to share footage of him experiencing this glitch during game play, it can be seen in the clip that he has his pistol ready and loaded to take out a nearby enemy, he seems to be waiting quite some time for this player to finally emerge however they never do.

He then ends up firing into the wall in an attempt to take said player out, once the realisation sets in that the player is there, he just can’t actually see them. He is then unfortunately wiped out by the hidden enemy, leaving only 10 remaining players instead of 11.

Issues like this cause a constant battle for players as they ever know what is lurking around the next corner, there is nothing quite like the pain of grinding out a boatload of kills just to be wiped out in the final two by an enemy that’s not even visible.

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However the games developers usually take these type of glitches very seriously, fans can only hope that patching this issue out is already on their radar and there is a fix issued sooner rather than later.

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