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Warzone: Players are using an exploit allowing them to invade the Gulag

Players have discovered a new exploit which is somehow allowing them to get themselves inside the Gulag without actually dying.

The Gulag is usually where you go when you die to get a chance at respawning. Fighting in a !v1 where the winner gets redeployed to the Warzone. The only way to get there is to die, or so we thought.

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Last month saw the introduction of a new Gulag, Verdansk’s very own miniature Nuketown which was brought in with the merge between Cold War and Warzone late last year.

Players have already been taking to social media to share their findings, Twitter user ‘Modern Warfare’ uploaded footage to the social media platform demonstrating how it can be done. Using this exploit will give players an upper hand as they will be able to kill Gulag players as they are able to bring in their own custom and more powerful weapons.

The new Gulag is located towards the edge of the map, this suggests that using this exploit players will still be affected by gas and that it could only be used with a strategically placed circle or at the very beginning of a match.

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Warzone is no stranger to bugs and exploits, since its integration with Black Ops Cold War, the game has been met with a lot of criticism from fans as there has been a number of issues already causing problems for players, so we assume that this new exploit will not be well received by the Warzone community.

Currently there have been no official comments from the games developers on this issue, fans can only wair and hope there will be a solution to patch out this issue as soon as possible.

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