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Warzone players are reporting an ‘Invasion’ of hackers

The takedown of one sites exploits seems to cause some momentary quiet for a couple of weeks, but Warzone hackers are making a huge comeback according to a number of players and streamers.

It seemed like hackers in the PC version of Warzone had all but disappeared for a short time, with the culprits behind the most popular hacks for the game, EngineOwning, halting production of hacks for the game.

A few weeks ago, a massive ban wave swept through Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone, banning over 200,000 players. It was caused by Infinity Ward being able to detect the previously undetectable cheats made by EngineOwning.

Now, players are once again noticing a rise in the amount of hackers in Warzone, and many players are saying it is caused by a similar site to EngineOwning who have made a comeback after last months banwave.

Faze Pamaj says he recently got into a lobby where only 37 people remained by the second circle, a definite sign of hackers being in the game.

In a reply to Pamaj’s tweet, a former pro player and analyst for CoD League Joe “MerK” DeLuca claimed that “one of the main sites” for distributing the cheats was now back online.

Although we don’t know which site it is that is back online, Twitter user @Redrxk claims to have interviewed one hacker live on Twitch who says the cheats he was using were from EngineOwning, and that the site released the updated hacks on October 12. While EngineOwning’s own website still has Modern Warfare 2019 listed as unavailable.

The problem might already be in the process of being solved however, after many users on the forums have been receiving automatic bans when booting up the game with the new cheats installed.

Modern Warfare cheats are still offline after being detected by Infinity Ward

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