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Warzone players are getting banned and they don’t know why

Fans are outraged after their accounts fell victim to a wave of bans and Activision wont offer an explanation.

Image Credit: Activision

Thousands of accounts have been banned from playing Warzone, many of the owners say they have no idea why and Activision has given no explanation as to why the bans are happening.

The game has had its problems with cheaters and hackers over the months since it launched. The anti-cheat has been working around the clock to remove the cheating players but this time it might have gone to far.

Posts are popping up on various websites across the internet from frustrated players claiming they have been banned without explanation. Reddit, Twitter, and Discord are filled with players complaining about the bans and trying to regain access to their accounts.

Activisions support has been less than helpful to those unjustly banned. fans have even organised a petition which now has over 16,000 signatures, with the number rising as more and more players find their accounts have been banned. Complaints have also been filed with the FTC and BBB. Spreading the word to larger YouTube’s in hopes that negative coverage will put pressure on Activision to investigate the issue.

Players are calling the bans an act of robbery after spending money on in game skins. Some of the accounts hit by the ban are also only a few days old.

Activision do have rules in place regarding bans, stating that all bans are final and that they cant comment on any individual ban or explain why a user has been banned. They also say any account hit by a ban is not eligible for a refund. The ban wave has included bans for toxic behaviour/behaviour to actual hacking.

Players are in agreement that any hacker or cheater should be banned, their issue is that there is no way to raise a complaint with Activision if you have been incorrectly banned. “Temporary and permanent suspensions from all game modes are final and are not subject to review”, so if you get banned, there is no chance that Activision will look into your ban to check if it’s deserved.

One fan has explained that the bans could have been caused by background software on users computers, for example; a simple mod installed for GTA 5, emulators or any other .Dll injector could have been flagged by Activision’s anti-cheat software.

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