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Warzone players are being killed by their own Heartbeat sensors

Players are losing their minds over a bug that is literally killing them with their own Heartbeat Sensor, and it makes no sense at all.

Image Credit: Infinity Ward

Warzone has had more than its fair share of bug since it release, some game breaking, such as vehicles crashing entire lobbies, and others like this one being annoying enough to ruin your experience without being completely game breaking.

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The Heartbeat Sensor is probably the most popular piece of equipment in Warzone, most players carry it over gas or stun grenades – but that will probably change if this bug isn’t fixed soon.

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Issues have plagued the Heartbeat Sensor for a while, from blips showing up when there’s nobody around, to ghost not working and showing you on enemy Heartbeat Sensors when you should have been hidden, now the equipment is literally killing people for no reason.

A clip posted to reddit by GiantDreamDwarf shows how they find a Heartbeat Sensor, and then use it to scan the area around them, the sensor finds nothing on the first ping so GiantDreamDwarf waits for the sensor to ping again.

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Instead of a second ping, the player drops dead, despite not being shot by anyone. You can see in the killcam that the player who got credit for the kill had nothing to do with killing him, they get credit for the kill as well as it saying they killed them with the Heartbeat Sensor.

Heartbeat Sensors are causing players to drop dead.

The player who got the kill didn’t even shoot their gun and just seems to be minding their own business navigating the map – miles away from where Dwarf was.

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There’s no logical explantation as to why these events would happen, but luckily this doesn’t seem to be a common occurrence. One player in the comments of the Reddit post has said this happened to them back in season 2.

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