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Warzone Players are being Haunted by Creepy Little Girl

An update for Modern Warfare and Warzone has dropped today, however players are noticing something strange that has been added to Call of Duty: Warzone.

Activision and Infinity Ward made an announcement yesterday much to the delight of fans that Warzone will be receiving heaps of new Halloween content for the upcoming holiday.

What we know so far regarding the update is the upcoming addition of zombies, thanks to dataminers leaking game play information, but thats not all. The games creepiness level is being taken to the next level.

Players are noticing that a creepy little girl has been added in the latest update and it’s freaking people out. Gamers have taken to Twitter to share their feelings on the mysterious little girl.

There was a clip posted to Twitter where chilling audio can be heard of a little girls laugh, it was located at the campsite near the stadium. There is not sightings of the little girl at the moment however it seems to be that she only make and appearance on this specific map location.

ModernWarzone threw an idea out in response to this video that this character could possibly be Samantha Maxis from Zombie-mode. This speculation could stand to reason as we already have some insight from the leaks. Fans have however mentioned that it doesn’t sound like her so we’ll throw this idea on the back-burner for now.

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There hasn’t been any comments on this discovery from Activision or Infinity Ward, fans hope that maybe this is a teaser for something greater to come in the coming months.

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