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Warzone players are begging for Juggernaut to be removed as glitch causes it to become TOO overpowering

Recently there has been heated debates over whether Juggernaut should be removed from Warzone, however a recently discovered bug has lead players to want this more than ever.

It is no secret Warzone has become a viral sensation with millions of players worldwide taking a stab at the battle royale game. In the game itself there are also plenty of iconic Call of Duty features at play such as Juggernauts. Recently they have became a touchy topic of conversation as many gamers have called for them to be removed completely from normal matches, whereas other gamers feel quite the opposite.

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Juggernaut suits can cause quite the issue for gamers as they can go through insane amounts of damage without ever being destructed, it seems that a lot of players found fun and humour in this at first however now it has became a tired feature and gamers have called on the games developers to have it removed.

Fans have been taking to social media to voice their opinions on the matter with many calling for it be removed as they feel it has no relevance in normal modes and cannot understand why it was initially added.

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With many already wanting it removed from the game, it doesn’t help now that a new glitch has been discovered which is making matters even worse. It seems this glitch is making Juggernauts even more overpowering than usual, causing players to become frustrated while playing.

As Juggernaut suits are pretty indestructible anyway, imagine having to try and take one down that is borderline invincible.

The glitch itself is created when players combine the Fire Sale and the Buy Station, it works as the Fire Sale slices prices on essential items and in some cases may hand you an item for free.

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If players are wearing the Juggernaut suit and head to the Buy Station while there is a Fire Sale they can collect the rewards. In a clip uploaded to Reddit, it showed a player doing just this and the free item they received was being able to drop an unlimted amount of self revives onto the ground.

During fire sale as jug you can buy unlimited self revives from r/CODWarzone

At the moment there has not been any official comments from Infinity Ward regarding this situation, however they are usually on top of these things, so it could be that we may see this issue patched out in the near future.

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