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Warzone player reportedly caught with cheat menu live on stream

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Cheating in Warzone has been a hot topic for players, Infinity Ward has vowed to clamp down hard on those using cheats ruining the experience for other players, but critics have said they aren’t doing enough to stop them.

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One player in particular has been caught red handed using cheats in the middle of a livestream. Well known streamer “MrGolds” was reportedly caught out when he played the game with a cheat menu open. He has over 70,000 followers and pulls in a regular 2000+ viewers at a time.

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Another streamer ERA7E shared the moment on Twitter as Mr Golds was exposed in a Call of Duty lobby while being watched by just under 2000 people. Fans called him out in the chat after they noticed the open cheat menu all while Mr Golds tried his best to ignore the drama.

ERA7E told his viewers to report MrGolds stream which even boasted a 6.0 K/D in the title.

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The stream showed an open program ‘EngineOwning’ in the background. It didn’t take long for viewers to notice the program running behind his task manager.

Options in the program include “Aim at enemies” and options to remove recoil on guns. Among MrGolds critics were GDefinition, who took to Twitter to write “I can’t believe there’s people like this guy using EngineOwning, one of the most common obvious hacks and he doesn’t get shadowbanned or even banned in general” He then asked why Twitch hadn’t punished MrGolds.

During the stream MrGolds could be heard saying “Just because I have good recoil, I’m good at the game. Is it the first time you see someone good at a game? Have you ever seen someone playing like this, seriously?”

MrGolds has since denied the claims and said he is going to stream with a background camera to prove he isn’t cheating.

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In the past, streamers have been banned on Twitch for showing cheats on stream. In June, Apex Legends player EricTheUnready was exposed after he was seen typing cheats into a stream.

MrGolds stream is still up and hasn’t been removed by Twitch, but we’ll have to see if that still remains the case as the issue gathers more attention from the community.

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