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Warzone: New Map Release Date Leaked


As the first year of Warzone is going strong, fans are already starting to wonder just when they can expect to see a new map will be arriving.

Rumours have already started circulating about a new map that is headed to Warzone, rumours say fans should be expecting a much bigger map that what we have previously seen with Rebirth Island. It has been speculated that the new map could be around the same size as Verdansk or even bigger.

When Rebirth Island first made its way onto our screens, it was met with mixed reviews from players, with many left slightly disappointed. The map itself was never supposed to a battle royale map, however it didn’t stop players feeling underwhelmed. The inspiration for Rebirth Island was taken from the original Black Ops ‘Rebirth’ mission.

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Despite Rebirth Island having only just launched in the middle of December last year in Season One, rumours have still been circulating regarding the introduction of a new map. With that update we saw Warzone integrated with Black Ops Cold War, although that’s not the only influence from Black Ops Cold War fans should expect to see.

The most popular rumour doing the rounds at the moment is that the new map will be heavily influenced from Black Ops Cold War Fireteam: Dirty Bomb maps, the current maps in the new mode are Sanatorium, Alpine and Ruka.

Going down this road with a new map would make sense as the Fireteam: Dirty Bomb maps are much larger than standard 6v6 maps with their 40 player game mode. The new map would transition easily as they would slot together in a much bigger battle royal map as different POIs. Current rumours suggest that Ruka would be in the middle with Alpine situated in the south-east and Sanatorium in the south-west.

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Leaks have made suggestions that the introduction of a Ural Mountains map is still somewhat in the distance, there has also been some hints that we may see a release date in March 2021 to reflect Warzone’s one year anniversary although we don’t have any official news to confirm this at the moment.

Of course we have to take these rumours with a pinch of salt, with no official reports we can’t say for sure when we will see this map and exactly what it will entail.

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