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Warzone & Modern Warfare Season 7 Details Leak

Fans are becoming curious as Modern Warfare is starting to slow down, could this mean Warzone Season 7 could be on the cards?

Gamers worldwide have been questioning how Warzone will incorporate the Black Ops Cold weapons but manage to keep in line with Infinity Ward’s core mechanics. Not only this, they are also wondering how equipment and score streaks will be included too.

There is a lot to think about at the moment, is there a possibility of Warzone Season 7 being released? It is hard to say at the moment, but here is what we know so far.

Fans are hoping for a Season 7 announcement however it’s touch and go currently as Modern Warfare’s Season 6 end date is around November time this gives us a feeling that it could be the last instalment until the much anticipated Black Ops Cold War launch.

There has been speculation however as it was discovered recently by a player who took to Twitter to share his findings. The Tweet shows that CoD has actually given a nod to a potential season 7 as players are able to buy the Season 7 battle pass.

This has got gamers thinking as this images shared do suggest a Season 7 launch in future but this does not confirm that Warzone would be linked to Modern Warfare.

There has been much speculation that Modern Warfare would continue however with the launch of Black Ops Cold War approaching, this will no doubt cause a a drop in the player count. This could be an issue for Infinity Ward if they did want to continue the series.

If this new season does come to light gamers can hope to expect additions such as new weapons, POIS, nerfs and buffs. Of course we cant say for certain yet if this will definitely happen however we remain hopeful as this information so far does suggest something is coming.

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