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Warzone leak reveals details about upcoming zombie mode

Treyarchs iconic zombies will soon be appearing in Warzone, according to dozens of data-mined voice lines from Black Ops Cold War that have been leaked online ahead of its launch.

Black Ops Cold War will mark the return of the core zombies mode fans have loved since it was first added to the game in 2008’s World At War. Players can expect a new crew and new weapons on new maps. However this isn’t the only mode with zombies being added to Treyarchs new release.

Recent leaks had suggested a new mode coming to Warzone titled “Zombie Royale” a new spin on the battle royale formula that drops players into what is essentially a giant game of infected, where if you die you’re brought back as a zombie to hunt down enemies. “The last team with a human alive” wins the game.

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On paper it sounds pretty simple, but dozens of leaked audio files have shown just how intricate the zombie mode will be. Everything will be switched up in the new mode, from the way the gas effects zombies, to the way buy stations work. Here’s all the things you need to know:

One of the leaked audio files is the Warzone announcer reading out the “Zombie Royale” title at the start of each match. There is another 30 unique voice lines that were found in the leak. Many may be placeholders that go unused, but it’s safe to assume a majority of them will play throughout a round of Zombie Royale.

Voice lines have spilled details on how the rounds will play out too, the gas for example will still be a major part fo the game, closing in on players while zombies will be immune to the negative effects of the gas, and it will in fact make the zombies more powerful.

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The goal of the game is obviously to be the last human standing, but along the away there will be objectives to focus on. “Defend the chopper, the chopper is down, find your way out,” and “extraction failed,” are all voice lines which hint towards a possible way to escape the map.

Image credit: Infinity Ward

It appears as though teams will need to fight off hordes of zombies during the endgame, if they survive long enough they will board a helicopter and be extracted to safety.

Dying in the game wont mean you’re out, you’ll then repsawn somewhere on the map as a zombie “consume the remains of the dead to regain your humanity” is another voice line found in the files which hints at you being able to respawn as a human if you kill enough human players.

The buy station is still present in the game, and your team will be able to buy you back as there is an option to “raise the dead”.

Special zombies will also be in the playlist, we don’t know exactly what they will look like or what special abilities they will have. But it looks like the gas will power them up.

Below is a list of all the voice lines found in the leak:

  • “Zombie Royale.”
  • “Zombies are not effected by the gas.”
  • “Caution, zombies are immune to the gas.”
  • “Be careful, zombies are more powerful in the gas.”
  • “Kill them all.”
  • “Defend the chopper.”
  • “Final stand. Stay alive.”
  • “Chopper is down, fight your way out.”
  • “Extraction failed. Fight for your life.”
  • “Extract failed. Fight for your life.”
  • “Consume enough remains to respawn as a human.”
  • “You’ll become zombie if you die. A member of your team has to be human for extraction.”
  • “Last human team standing wins.”
  • “The dead will become zombies. Be the last human team standing to win.”
  • “You’re out, but your teammates can still buy you back.”
  • “Zombie teammate killed.”
  • “Raise the dead at Buy Stations.”
  • “You need to keep one person on your team alive.”
  • “You have regained your humanity.”
  • “You’ll become a zombie but you can still help your team take down the enemy.”
  • “Consume the remains of the dead to regain your humanity.”
  • “Zombies have special traits and abilities.”
  • “Use your zombie abilities to kill human players.”
  • “Your teammate has regained their humanity.”
  • “Your teammate is a zombie.”
  • “Your teammate is a zombie. Help them regain their humanity.”

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