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Warzone: Here’s how you can put almost anything on Recon Drones


Some players might often pass up Recon Drones however they actually have some pretty handy uses in the game.

While Recon Drones do come with their limitations, they can be a super handy asset to players if they need to gather intel on players in a close proximity. However they do have their down sides, the drones themselves can’t fly very fast and do have a limited range in which they can reach.

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They do however have some super helpful uses as well, and have fast become one of the most wanted pieces of equipment in Warzone. Here is a super handy tip that can help you out of a jam, for example if your teammates are in need of something in particular but you can’t get to them, then this is where the Recon Drones come in.

Before the drones head up into the sky, players can actually place items on top of them before they take flight. For example Armor Boxes and Munitions Boxes can be placed onto Recon Drones, which is ideal if one of your teammates is need, you can simply send over the required equipment to them.

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Throwing Knifes can also be dropped onto the drones, along with Trophy Systems. Although the usual spot to drop Trophy Systems is on vehicles, placing them on top of drones works pretty well as it allows players to avoid any incoming explosives, you could also use this play to attack enemies by flying in close proximity.

The only down side is that unfortunately the game will only allow one box on top, it won’t support multiple boxes being placed on top. Fans are keep their fingers crossed that this ability won’t be taken away in a future update now that it has been brought to our attention.

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