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Warzone Halloween bundles have leaked and they look insane

With Halloween fast approaching, most games are rushing to get their halloween themed updates out to cash in on the spooky holiday. Modern Warfare and Warzone publisher Activision are doing exactly that.

Call of Duty have recently started creating seasonal updates with fitting changes to the game for holidays like Christmas or in this case Halloween.

It looks like this year you’ll be able to celebrate the holiday by dressing up as some of the most iconic characters from the horror genre. Bringing a fresh batch of cosmetics, calling cards, and stickers to your Call of Duty inventory.

If you’re a fan of the horror genre, in particular the Saw franchise or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you might want to check out what’s coming to the store soon.

The cosmetics first appeared on the CoD Tracker website, which automatically searches through Call of Duty’s files to find any new items that have been added, information which isn’t always immediately available to the community.

A whopping 27 new bundles have been added following the update on October 13, with many of them being based around the theme of Halloween, the two standout packs though, are the Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre operator bundles.

Both bundles will cost 2400 CoD Points (£16.79) when they release, and like most operator bundles, they will include; an Operator skin, gun blueprints (two), a melee weapon, sprays, and calling cards.

No date has been announced for the release of the packs but Halloween is only a few weeks away, so expect them to appear in the store sooner rather than later.

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