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Warzone ‘God Mode’ glitch returns to ruin Limited Time Mode


Fans of Call of Duty: Warzone are left once again to deal with another ‘God Mode’ glitch which is leaving players invincible and invisible. The issue is appearing in the Limited Time Mode ‘Armoured Royale’.

By now we’re all pretty used to dealing with Warzone glitches, frustrations have been voiced on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit for months now about the amount of problems player face in the game. The development team stay silent, and fans are left waiting for a fix for weeks in some cases.

Image credit: Activision

Even the patches which are released to fix the bugs seems to created many more in the process, Hitmarkers were broken in the latest update on February 6th, which was released to fix the infinite stim glitch which appeared in the game for the sixth time.

When the game merged with Black Ops Cold War on December 16th, an invisibility glitch appeared allowing players to become completely see through, while still being able to play and shoot as normal. Raven, who only recently took over development of the game were quick to patch the bug out, but now it’s back and this time it’s affecting the Armoured Royale mode.

The issue was first posted on Reddit on February 6th in a clip which shows players being completely invisible, even if a player manages to land a shot on the enemy, it won’t affect their health at all.

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The player claims this is the second time they have encountered this glitch since the recent update and in the clip you can see them get killed seemingly out of nowhere, when they watch the killcam they are shocked to see the enemy was stood right in front of them the whole time, but they were invisible.

There doesn’t seem to be any reports of this glitch affecting the other game modes, and we’re not sure what it is about the Armoured Royale mode that allows the glitch to happen. Other posts have been popping up in the r/CODWarzone Subreddit but they appear to be removed by the moderators for unknown reasons.

Since this is a significant enough glitch, it will likely be patched pretty quickly. Stay tuned for further updates regarding this issue.

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