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Warzone glitch ‘Demon Gun’ has returned… again

Warzone players had reported being faced with the demon gun glitch back in August, it appeared in the game completeley out of the blue. This has been a popular problem in the past causing a lot of frustration amongst fans.

The glitch causes weapons to mutate into different sizes and shapes majorly affecting game play. This makes it impossible for players to continue as this glitch often causes the weapon to take over the entirety of the screen.

Infinity Ward put out many patches trying to resolve the issue and everything seemed to be going well, or so they thought. It has been reported that glitch back bigger than ever after the last update, again causing havoc with players games.

Game developers will be aware of this glitch and no doubt will be working on a solution, hopefully it will stay away this time. Player have since found they can try and avoid this glitch as best as possible this is done by swapping weapons.

Many players have taken to social media to document the discovery of the glitch again, will lots of responses of other players also experiencing the same issue.

There has not been any comment from Infinty Ward on the glitch at the moment, but were hoping they will jump on it as soon as possible as it affected so many majorly back in August.

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