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Warzone glitch allows you to teleport around the map


Warzone players have found a strange glitch with recon drones that allows you to “teleport” anywhere you want, it also works in Modern Warfare Multiplayer.

Season 5 brought in plenty of new content when it launched earlier this week, such as weapon changes and changes to the verdansk map.

While zip-lines were added and certain areas around the map have been made more accessible, players have found another way to scale buildings with the help of a strange teleportation glitch.

The bug allows players to fly around the map, and you can even kill unsuspecting players from up high. It was found by Call of Duty YouTuber Bubs. He shared a video on his channel showing that it can only be done with a friend when you both have a recon drone.

We wont share exactly how to do it, as it can be quite game breaking, but to break it down, it works by flying your drone into your teammate in a certain way, it will look like its clipping inside of them, you can then fly the drone to any location and exit it, this will transport your friends character to wherever you exited the drone.

It works in both Warzone and Modern Warfare, and it relies on both of you having a recon drone, and it can be quite challenging to find to find two at once.

Bubs also found areas on certain maps like Hackney Yard, which have invisible barriers you can stand on to make it look like you are floating in the air. Allowing you to kill other players from up high.

Fingers crossed Infinity Ward can get this patched in a timely manner so it doesn’t become too game breaking.

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