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Warzone glitch allows you to respawn infinitely.


Players have been able to stay in the same lobby forever, thanks to a ridiculous glitch allowing them to have unlimited respawns.

We all know the drill, if you die and you don’t win your Gulag, its game over unless a teammate buys you back.

The Gulag is a unique system that we haven’t seen in any Battle Royale game before. Fortnite and even Apex Legends have all had their go at making a unique respawn system but we think Warzone have done it best.

For some players though, no matter how many times they get killed, they just keep on coming back, being able to immediately drop back in upon death.

BIGGEST GLITCH I’VE EVER SEEN…! Endless Solo game, endless respawns & no winner – WATCH VIDEO from CODWarzone

Reddit user ‘b6109’ was left by themselves with 17 other players. The gulag had closed, but the number of remaining players kept climbing. Regardless of how many times they were killed, players just kept on redeploying. Even when the gas had completely taken over the map.

We don’t actually know the circumstances that allowed this glitch to happen, but theoretically the game could go on forever until the Warzone servers go offline.

Even though it might just seem like a harmless glitch, it could actually be damaging to the overall stats in the game. “I usually average about 6/15 kills in solos” the reddit user explained. “This game finished on 27 kills”.

Players would also be able to use these glitched lobbies for unlocking weapon attachments and camos, so it could be just what we need.


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