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Warzone glitch allows players to shoot after being downed

A new bug has been discovered in Call of Duty Warzone that is allowing players to shoot their guns after being downed. Lots of clips are popping up online showing this happening, but the glitch has apparently been in the game since August.

Since Warzone released back in March 2020, its remained as one of the most popular games, but players are starting to get fed up with the almost weekly bugs and glitches which are ruining their games.

The game is far from perfect with Invisible players to teleporting around the map, and now shooting while downed.

Players found the bug while using a zip line when ascending buildings. In a post on Twitter @headxchesz showed himself using the glitch on another player who was using the stim exploit.

After reaching the end of the game and realising one of his final opponents is sitting in the gas abusing the stim glitch. He jumps into a vehicle and makes a dash into he gas to look for him. After arriving at the location he ascends the zipline coming face to face with the opponent.

The opponent downs him and the self revive option pops up on the screen, but for whatever reason he is still able to shoot his weapon. Using his Mac-10 to kill the enemy whilst in the downed state.

The glitch occurs when a player is downed while using the zipline, once reaching the top the animation to bring the weapon out still happens as normal before the player enters the downed state fully. This allows them to fire off a short round of bullets while downed.Luckily in this case the bug helped him kill a player who was using an exploit but this would definitely be frustrating if it happened to players playing normally.

Reports online suggested the bug has been in the game since August last year with the Season 5 update and if that is the case it’s unlikely to be fixed anytime soon unless more attention is brought to the issue.

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