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Warzone: Game-breaking Glitch Completely Destroys In-game Operator Menu

Yet another game-breaking glitch has reared its head in Warzone, this time totally breaking the operator menu, leaving players without the ability to select different characters ahead of a match.

Players are often finding themselves stumbling across a new glitch, but the February 5th patch was brought out with the intention of ironing out all of these issues that had been annoying players for the past few weeks.

The patch did manage to rectify some of the problems, but it seems to have brought with it a brand new glitch that has started to affect players just before entering into a match.

A number of players reported that after updating on February 5th, they were left without access to the in-game operator menu. When they were trying to access the menu, they were being redirected straight to the play tab, therefore not allowing players to make a character selection before playing a match.

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This has left fans somewhat frustrated after it has appeared after an update intended to fix problems but has inadvertently caused more.

However, Raven Software were quick to jump on this issue and release a fix for the situation within hours of it appearing. Hopefully this teamed with the previous update will make the game a lot smoother and help weed out those unwanted bugs.

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