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Warzone fans are calling for the removal of a “Pay-To-Win” operator


Call of Duty Warzone players have been voicing their frustrations with a certain operator skin which effectively grants the player invisibility when they hide in a dark area.

The “Rook” skin for Roze is a Tier 100 Season 5 Battle Pass reward, the character is fully dressed in dark clothing with a black face mask, and even black face paint underneath. The result is that players are basically camouflaged when they hide in dark corners, which there are a lot of between Verdanks, The Gulag, and Rebirth Island.

On top of this, it’s already difficult to see inside of building from the outside, the contrast between the different lighting makes it easy for people to camp out.

HeyBucko Warzone uploaded the clip above showing the problem perfectly, a Roze player was hiding in the room but they had no chance when bullets started flying seemingly out of nowhere.

Another post on Reddit by APx_22 explained their frustrations with how often they’re running into Roze skin players camping.

The Twitch Rivals Warzone tournament saw almost all of its competitors using the skin which is odd considering skins in this game are only supposed to be cosmetic.

It’s unlikely that Raven Software would remove the skin from the game because players have forked out money for it, but they could do some slight alterations to the skin to make it easier to hide in dark places.

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