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Warzone fan demonstrates game breaking infinite ammo glitch

A new bug in Call of Duty: Warzone allows players to reload their weapons without taking from their ammo reserve, resulting in an infinite ammo loop.

Image credit: Activision

While ammo isn’t exactly hard to find in Warzone, carrying enough of it can mean the difference between an early trip to the Gulag, or being the last man alive. Some players are now taking advantage of a new bug that allows them to create an infinite ammo loop.

A clip posted to Reddit by the user double-extra-medium, shows the process of creating as much ammo as you could ever need in Warzone. It makes it so the reload animation doesn’t consume any ammo from the reserve. By dropping his ammo on the ground, starting to reload, and then picking it up again, you can see his ammo count in the gun be replenished while the reserve stays the same amount.

The glitch causes the game to simultaneously use and not use the ammo, it allows you to retain it while still gaining its benefits. It’s the same bug that is allowing players to spawn in infinite Juggernaut suits across the map.

Some players have commented on the clip saying that they are worried about how much ammo and enemy has, but whether or not they can use it. They say it doesn’t necessarily break the game, but others have pointed out how this can be abused to allow players to have infinite missiles for their RPG or Javelin.

It wont be long before Activision implement a fix for this bug, but until then you should probably assume every enemy you encounter has enough ammo to wipe out the whole lobby, you just best hope they don’t have the skills to match too.

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