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Warzone exploit lets you choose your first weapon

A new exploit in Warzone season 4 literally lets you pick your first weapon when you land in Verdansk.

Season 4 dropped in late June and with it came a number of huge changes to the game, new maps, weapons, and even weapon balancing to shake up the meta.

A change that Activision never intended though, is the ability for players to pick their own weapons when you drop in Warzone.

Players no longer have to use the loot they find on the floor, like the Burst AR or PILA, you can now bring in your own weapon from the pre-game lobby to the match.

How to take your pre-game weapons into Warzone:

It’s not easy to pull off do you might want to give it a few trial runs beforehand.

1. In the pre-game lobby, find a gun you’d like to take into the match.

(You can keep dying and spawning with a new gun until you find something you’re happy with)

2. As the game is about to start, and the countdown timer is between 1 second and 0 seconds remaining, drop your weapons on the ground.

3. Deploy into the game and fly to where you dropped your guns in the pre-game lobby and if done right, the weapons should be there on the ground.

If it hasn’t worked, it’s likely that your timing was off. The timing has to be perfect, if it’s too late or too early then it won’t work. It will take a few attempts to get right.

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