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Warzone: Cheaters have already found a way to glitch inside Rebirth Island walls

It didn’t take long for cheaters to find a way to become invincible inside different walls on Rebirth Island.

Warzone Season One has not been the smooth sailing we had all hoped for, from the release of Rebirth Island there have been a series of bugs and glitches causing havoc for players.

Cheaters wasted no time in uncovering a new way to rack up free wins, although glitching inside of the walls is no stranger to Warzone, it seems that cheaters have found a way to bring it to the new battlefield.

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This particular bug has caused issues in the game since it launched in March last year, over time Verdansk saw these types of exploits weeded out, however it looks as if Rebirth Island will be facing the full impact of this problem as cheaters continue to use it to get themselves ahead.

Players have already been taking to social media to share their experiences when running into this issue, Reddit user ‘3Dmo’ uploaded a clip to the social media platform showing him being taken out by mysterious bullets flying out from a wall.

Aaand there is another invisibility glitch in the game. Even the ATV was invisible. from r/CODWarzone

It seems these bullets were coming from a player who had managed to glitch themselves inside the wall and somehow had the ability to shoot through it. It also showed them jumping onto an ATV, however there is no way to tell if they were actually able to drive around within the map.

These issues cause havoc for players who pass by, however there is always a solution by just leaving the area and ignoring the cheater although there could be no escape if the circle was to close in on that area. Players should keep an eye out when they are playing on that particular side of the map, which is located next to the Chemical Engineering location on Rebirth Island.

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There has not been any comments from the games developers as of yet, players can only hope that the patching of this bug will follow suit of how quickly these exploits were corrected in Verdansk.

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