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Warzone cheaters are shooting new spawns out of the sky with aimbots.

If you’ve been headshot out of the sky the second you redeploy, this is why.

Warzone cheaters are a hot topic once again in the Call of Duty community after the recent banwave which resulted in innocent players being banned.


Infinity Ward have been trying to reduce the amount of cheaters in the game with the implementation of 2 factor authentication, but the cheating is still significant enough for the topic to be dominating the conversation on social media and even on streamers live streams.

Popular streamer, TimTheTatMan died to a cheater live on his stream. He was then able to communicate with the cheater after he joined the livestream. The cheater responded to questions by shaking the camera side to side for no, and up and down for yes. You can watch the encounter here.

He claims to have been cheating in Warzone for over six months, unlikely as the game wasn’t released that long ago.

The cheater was using a Kar98 with a Damascus skin, which they claimed to have earned themselves, but it is possible to buy accounts with the skin already unlocked.

Warzone has had a cheater problem since before launch, some console players are able to turn off cross play to avoid the pc hackers.

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