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Warzone bug is turning teammates into Munitions Boxes

It’s one of the strangest bugs we’ve seen in Warzone, players are turning into munitions boxes during the initial deployment screen.

You’ve just finished up the pre-game warm up, the cinematic intro with the Lockheed C-130 Hercules begins to play and your characters walk towards the edge ready to drop out, but all of a sudden your teammate poofs away and falls into the world as a munitions box.

It’s the latest graphical bug to hit Warzone, and as of it now it remains unclear what happens for the rest of the game after your teammate turns into the munitions box, a clip was originally posted to Reddit by ‘SirDavidPaladinEX‘ titled “So my random squad-mate is now a munitions box” but didn’t follow up with any comments on what happened after.

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We can only imagine this was just a weird bug during the cinematic and the teammate returned to normal once the game started. Interestingly, because this isn’t a game breaking glitch like the broken gun graphical bug

Warzone devs confirm fix coming for the demon gun graphical glitch
Infinity Ward acknowledged the graphic glitch and fast-tracked a fix

Somewhere in the code Infinity Ward have programmed a character to be able to turn into an object, maybe this is a hint that Prop Hunt is returning to the game before the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

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