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Warzone bug causes players to become invisible

Raven Software have taken steps to address a game breaking bug that allowed players to go completely invisible. Attack helicopters are being removed from both Verdansk and Rebirth Island while the issue is resolved.

Despite the update on December 16 bringing with it new bug fixes and glitches, including the Juggernaut exploit, it seems like it has introduced more bugs to the game than it has fixed. This one being even more major than the one it replaces.

According to players, the bug in Warzone is allowing some players to go completely invisible if they complete certain steps. Allowing them to kill other players without ever being seen or appearing on the map.

It’s caused by the new attack helicopter, which has now been completely removed while Raven work on a permanent fix. Raven took quick action to stop players being able to complete the steps by removing the helicopter, giving them time to fix the issue before introducing the new helicopter back into the game.

We don’t know just how widespread the issue was, but multiple popular streamers have posted clips online showing them dying to players who are using the glitch.

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