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Warzone Bug causes havoc as players are able to walk through walls to secret world under Verdansk


Warzone is no stranger to bugs lingering in the game, however players have stumbled across the latest exploit which is allowing players to shoot through walls and exit the map, leading them to a secret world under Verdansk.

No new feature comes to the game without its share of bugs in the game, it’s actually quite common for players to accidently stumble across an unknown exploit while playing.

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This particular discovery was found in the new Verdansk subway system, which was introduced to the game in Season 6. The subway system allows player to travel from one area to another in no time at all, however at moment that’s not all its doing.

Players have stumbled across an game breaking exploit that has been causing chaos in the gaming community, it has been discovered that if players don’t actually board the subway, and instead jump straight down onto the tracks and start approaching the mist they will be greeted with the latest bug.

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If you try this at Barakett Promenade East, you will be able to go straight through and jump over the Do Not Enter sign, it will actually allow you to do this at this particular station. Whereas at others usually there will be a forcefield that will not let you go any further and you would usually get a Out of Bounds warning if you were to try and attempt this.

However at Barakett after doing this, you will be free to wander around this area at your leisure. It was also found that when travelling right until the end of the tracks at this station players were finding themself running into a solid wall, but instead of being stopped they were running straight through the wall!

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This was leading them to a secret underground city in located under Verdansk, it was also giving them the upper hand as they were able to shoot and take out enemies that were located near by and see almost everything that is going on.

Not only this they found they were actually invincible the whole time, however it is unclear the moment if this bug will work in every mode. Players have been flocking to this exploit as it is like no other bug found before as it allows players to move around such a large area, practically the whole map!

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Currently there has been no word on the situation from Infinity Ward just yet, however it’s likely to be fixed in a patch sooner or later.

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