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Warzone Adds 50v50 Mode In Season 4

The battle Royale mode continues to expand.

Image Credit: Infinity Ward

The free to play Battle Royale game is refreshing its playlist with the addition of a new mode. “Rumble” will feature two teams of 50 players in the Verdansk map however, it likely wont be the full map and will instead be taking place in smaller areas of the map.

Players will select their own custom loadouts in Rumble and it will also include a “quick respawn” feature Infinity Ward said.

The Warzone playlist update will also include the following modes:





Blood Money

Season 4 also introduces in-game events, including one called Jailbreak that sets everyone free from the Gulag. This can happen at any point without notice. This includes everyone waiting in the Gulag as people who are spectating. Players get a one minute warning ahead of the event starting, giving them time to find additional armour and ammo for returning teammates.

This mode can happen at anytime in the match, promoting staying in the game to spectate instead of leaving the game when you’re eliminated.

Fire Sale:
The second new in-game event is called Fire Sale. As you probably guessed, it discounts all items from the Buy Station by 80% or can give them away for free. Fire Sales will only last one minute, but will encourage a rush of players heading to buy stations creating a lot of deadly showdowns between squads.

Supply Choppers:
These are non lethal but heavily armoured helicopters. Players need to shoot it down with a rocket or a gun with a lot of ammo. Once destroyed it will drop high quality loot, including UAV’s, armour boxes, munitions boxes, gas masks, grenade launchers and a lot of cash.

The helicopters will leave after a certain period of time and once downed, other players will also be able to take the loot, not matter which squad took it down. So watch out for other squads who might try to take you out while you grab the loot, or even while you’re looking into the sky attacking the helicopter.

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