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Video Of Call of Duty’s New ‘Among Us’ Mode Leaks Online


Footage of a new Call of Duty mobile game mode has surfaced from the Chinese version of the game. This footage has revealed an Among Us style mode that will soon allegedly be making its way to Call of Duty.

Among Us became a viral sensation and took the world by storm last year with more and more players tuning in to play the space-style themed game everyday. Now it seems that Call of Duty wants a taste of the action as it has been rumoured that they are in the process of releasing a similar style mode on Call of Duty Mobile.

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This leaked footage is from the Chinese version of the fan favourite title, it can be seen to obtain the ‘Werewolf’ playlist which seems to be a new addition. The game follows a very similar plan to that of Among Us, with 12 player that can enter the match in the middle of Meltdown.

There is then a countdown that takes place, then the players have free roam to gather supplies and spread themselves across the map and complete assigned tasks. Players must collect a series of materials and weapons in order to help them complete their tasks sufficiently and take down other players.

Player will have access to every part of the map, scattered throughout are different weapons and items that are essential to complete the mini games. These tasks will show up on the map and players will be able to clear them by visiting the location on the map and completing the given task.

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After this has taken place, players will then group back together to chat about the round just played which is very similar to that of Among Us. Again like Among Us, players will have time do discuss and try and prove their innocence in the case or in turn drop another player in the firing line.

Call of Duty Mobile/Activision

In order to decide a winner, after every discussion the players will then be given the chance to vote and a player will be cast from the lobby.

Although, currently this mode will only be available in the Chinese version of the game we may seen this possibly added world wide at a later date. The global release usually follows suit a few months later so that’s a good indication that we could be seeing this mode available on our mobile devices soon.

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